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What is M&M Painting Residential?
The service is an attempt to provide a 'hassle-free' painting experience for residential consumers, delivering convenience as also quality through and end-to-end solution model. The service also offers a range of signature themes and special effect product offerings which lends a certain exclusivity to the final output.
What forms of payments are accepted?
We accept payment modes - cash and checks.
What will happen if a Contractor / Applicator does not do his job well?
M&M Painting have trained Relationship Associates who are individually responsible for the quality of job executed at your home. He will monitor progress on the site & take corrective action to ensure that application procedures match M&M Painting standards.
Should I pay the applicator anything else?
Your payment to M&M Painting covers the entire contract for material as well as labour for the painting job to be executed at your site. You would not need to pay any extra amount to the applicator.
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M&M Painting

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