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Take it from M&M Painting. You are going to have a gorgeous room on budget and you are going to decorate and design it yourself!

Think there is no way it's going to happen? All that's standing between you and that gorgeous room is some simple decorating and design basics. When you understand those, you can decorate any room.

We actually know more about design than we realize. Have you walked into a room that just "feels" off? Violation of one of these principles just may be the reason. Learning more about design may enable you to figure out what was wrong and make certain you don't make the same mistake in your home.

Color can make a room a success or - if totally wrong - can make it a disaster. But the best thing is - it's easily changed and inexpensive.

The paint you chose can lighten a room or make it dark and intimate, can be a personal statement or a classic tradition, and can be a neutral palette or a focal point.

M&M Paintng use our understanding of color to describe it in a more user friendly way. The 'Art' part of our work relates to the aesthetics of color.


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